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The company, specialized in vines plantation and wine production, is settled between the ill in north east of Campobello di Licata (Ag), in one of the best zone for vines plantation.
It is extended in more than 30 hectares, in a little part which was the famous Barony of Ravanusa, where were planted the best local vines and where today are being planting some variety that, after years of studies, are considered important to get high quality wine.
Recently, particular experiences and studies are directed even for a best plantation of grapes, even difference cutting of wine to get the optimum to realize "spumanti" in according to the classic method. These are the reason for production of healthy grapes with high total acidity( 8,4 - 11,5 g/l contains Babo 16 - 18,5).

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Bianco di Nera Bianco IGT Sicilia - Milazzo 0 stars 
€ 9.00 Cod: 0555
Bianco di Nera Bianco IGT Sicilia - Milazzo
White of  Nera Bianco IGT Sicily from Milazzo’s company is a straw wine with copper reflections. Elegant, with notes of fruits, such as orange, lemon, pink grapefruit and lemon liquor. Sweet and original scent.
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Metodo Classico - Milazzo 0 stars 
€ 11.90 Cod: 0549
Metodo Classico - Milazzo
Classic Method V.S.Q. sparkling
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Metodo Classico Riserva - Milazzo 0 stars 
€ 12.90 Cod: 0531
Metodo Classico Riserva  - Milazzo
G.Milazzo’s estates to North-West of Campobello di Licata, Agrigento, in a hilly region, 440-470 metres above sea level
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Vignavella Bianco da Tavola - Milazzo 0 stars 
€ 13.90 Cod: 0553
Vignavella Bianco da Tavola  - Milazzo
An old, unidentified Sicilian variety, which our family have numbered V 12
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Maria Costanza Bianco IGT Sicilia - Milazzo 0 stars 
€ 13.90 Cod: 0510
Maria Costanza Bianco IGT Sicilia - Milazzo
Maria Costanza Bianco IGT Sicily from the Milazzo’s farm, it is a straw wine with green reflection. Deep and characteristic of a Inzolia green clone, which exalt original and sweet essences.
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